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The world has come a long way in how it sends out information out there. From television to radio to the internet, more and more ways are being found to relay information out to the world.

However, there is one mechanism that has stayed true to itself and has not been removed from the scheme is printing. It started off as a way people could get information through newspapers. Eventually, it evolved into something that people could advertise their businesses and plans through, and it has kept on going strong.

The best about printing is it has not veered off track so much. It allows the user to convey their message in a simple way without complicating it. Colour printing, black and white and one of the new and best method grayscale printing. All these enable the user to choose the best way to print the documents they want and in what format. I’ll take some time to talk about one of the printing methods that is used nowadays.

What is Grayscale printing?

Many will ask what is grayscale printing. I confess when I first heard of it, I was too unsure about what it all was. To me, I just thought it was another way to confuse us all. As you do get to know it, you understand that it’s needed in our ways of printing too. Grayscale printing is essentially an image printed with variations of grey colour shades varying from 1 to a million in some cases.

Difference between print as grayscale and black and white

The colour shades for grey are from black to white but are different from black and white printing itself. Now that I have mentioned black and white, we also have to mention the differences. Many people do get confused between black and white printing and grayscale printing. Here are some of the notable differences between the two:

• Black and white have only two colours involved. Only black ( which is the ink) and white colour, in most cases the paper colour. There are no other variations to this, only these two. Therefore, in other words, you can say that black and white only represents one pixel where it can be either black or white and nothing else. It is like binary numbers. It’s either 1 or 0 and nothing else. It can’t change.

• Grayscale printing, on the other hand, has many colours involved and coupled with so many different variations. As mentioned in the definition. The variations can be from one grey variation to a million grey variations. However, all of them range from black and white. So you get a situation where the printed image can bring out anything you want but as long as it falls on the spectrum of grey. Many pixels are involved so to say, and they bring out a good picture of the grey you want.

Now we have mentioned some of the differences noted between black and white printing and grayscale printing. The next question will hinge on how can I print these colours from my computer.

How to print black and white from a MacBook:

This is not a bad question because most of the computers out there have a way of complicating things by giving so many options. It is good of course, but it does confuse people in most cases.

1. To print with a Mac, as you are on the document you wish to print, press the file menu and click on print.
2. A screen will pop up with printing options and click on show details to give you a better choice of what you want.
3. On the new screen, an option for black and white will pop up and you can click on black and white.
This will enable you to print the document in the format you want. If you want to print in grayscale the option also pops up and you can choose which variation from the following pop up.

How to print in black and white on windows

1. Select file option and then click on print afterwards
2. A screen will pop up and one of the options will be printer properties. Click on it.
3. Another screen with variations of how you want the document to be printed will show up.
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You can choose black and white from there to suit your needs. The other options for grayscale printing and colour printing are also available there.