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A thesis is a statement which points the topic being discussed and is usually written for a specific audience with and is written at the end of the first paragraph. It declares the position of the writer on certain topics and justifies the further discussion. It can also be defined as a scholars paper which contains the programs learned in master’s program and is usually a research paper combined from analyzing the research previously done by others. Dissertation, on the other hand, is a more detailed paper usually done by doctoral scholars. It requires the doctoral students to perform their own research on a specific field the study they are undertaking. It is much longer in terms of length than Thesis.

The difference between the two essays can be viewed based on accounts as discussed below.
The size of the Thesis and Dissertation basically vary according to the different programs each is involved in. Thesis statements are usually shorter than Dissertation lengths and are usually completed by scholars taking Master’s degree in one semester in which this is the only task or course they have in the whole semester. Thesis essays are usually at least one hundred pages. Dissertations on the other are four hundred pages completed after a number of years of research by the doctoral scholars.

A thesis is usually a project that is assigned at the end of master’s degree to the scholars to prove that they are much more knowledgeable about the programs and courses are undertaken during the whole master’s program. The research is much more familiar since it just involves analysis of other already done projects and relating it to the particular subject one might be undertaking. Dissertation on the hand is a research done during the postdoctoral studies and involves acquiring new knowledge and concepts to the specific program a scholar might be undertaking. It gives the scholars an opportunity to bring new ideas and theories to their specific field of study.
The thesis is basically meant to improve the scholar’s ability for critical thinking. Much emphasis is put on discussing concepts in deep analysis and accurate understanding of the concept of the subject. Unlike Thesis, Dissertation put more emphasis on bringing new ideas and theories on a particular subject which are later tested to come up with totally new concepts in the area of study. Much of the information in the dissertation are trustworthy.
A thesis is usually required to successfully complete master’s degree in most countries and is meant to test the scholar’s knowledge in the particular study area. Dissertations on the hand are usually meant to encourage doctoral students to perform a lot of research on the new concepts they might be bringing I their field after which they are successfully allowed to complete the program.
The thesis is usually involves collecting already done research and then analyzing them to come up with a complete thesis. Dissertation usually involves performing new research in a particular field by the scholar. This information is then stored to avoid a future repeat on the same research.


A thesis and dissertation also differs greatly on the format by which they are written.


Writing of thesis involves a specific format which should incorporate useful materials for the problem-solving statements and bibliographies drawn from the proposal of the thesis.


This part sets the thesis work and consist of the title page, the abstract, table of contents list of figures and tables when available in the document and the nomenclature which is usually optional and consists of the unfamiliar terms and symbols and their meanings in the research.


In this part, the researcher introduces and analyses the work. It is usually composed of the following parts.

Introduction which briefly analyses the reason for research, the challenges, and background of the research. Other parts include the Theoretical basis for the research work, Materials involved in research, the outcomes or results and is accompanied by tables and graphs and their discussions. It is also accompanied by conclusions which involve reviewing the outcomes and relating it to the initial research and lastly the recommendations for later research.


This is composed of more detailed materials that might not be considered in the main research. It is made of acknowledgement of the people or funding sources that might have assisted during the research. It also contains appendixes and bibliography of the works cited in your study.


Writing of dissertation clearly indicates the final part of the doctoral student to successfully complete the studies.

The important parts which should be included to make the proposal more convincing include:

The title. This should be captivating and precise. The plan should also include objectives and the researcher should narrow down the objectives to avoid being much extensive. This is followed by the literature section where the researcher is required to consult his mentor whether there might be he might be needed to state some references, otherwise, it should contain the areas of study and the materials which might be needed during the research.

Research. This is the main part where the researcher should clearly indicate the concepts of the research question and the researcher is expected to properly outline and highlight the specific area of research.

Methodology. This part is usually considered to be non-empirical where the resources come from the projects which had been previously done or empirical which is basically the collection of original data through observations or other methods of collecting data and the researcher is required to explain the various methods used in the collection of data. The researcher is also required to explain the expectations of the outcomes of the research.

Schedule of the research should be well articulated and the management of the dissertation stages in a specific period of time. This should lastly be followed by references and the researcher is advised to contact his mentor of the possibility of including this part.

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Writing of both thesis and dissertation requires a thorough research from the scholars in order to be considered to have successfully completed masters and doctoral studies respectively. Earning of these titles is something which should be proud of and should be encouraged. There writing format is the major factor and if followed accurately and with proper analysis brings a person’s education column