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Everyone heard of the AIDA model? So the AIDA model, if you haven’t, is A I D A. And advertising agencies across the world have been using it for years. So the ADIA model, stands for attention, interest, desire, action. Lots of attention, which is an attention grabber; an attention grabber should grab the attention of the reader or the viewer of the message. Then interest; create some interest, pique their interest on a problem they may have of your product, service, company, business, can solve. Then raise desire. And free is a great way to raise desire. The word free has been used, I’m sure you’ve seen it everywhere.

The whole internet is built on the world free. So raise desire. And then, a call to action. And a call to action, sometimes called a CTA, a call to action should be one call to action. If you’re doing hard marketing on the ground, it should be a telephone number or a text, you know, a text reply. You know, a call to action, the reason for having one telephone number for one text or one actual call to action is that, if you give 2 or 3, then your viewer or your reader will gets confused. And confusion means no action, so they won’t do anything; so one call to action. And I’m in the property business, the property world, and on one call to action. I want a phone call from the motivators and that’s the point of my marketing.

So these, I’ve done some earlier. Here you go, there’s one leaflets. This is an Industry standard leaflets and that follows the AIDA model: attention, interest, desire and action. So attention, ‘sell your house quick’, interests and desire, and then a call to action in big numbers across the bottom because that’s what we want the customer to do… or prospects, sorry, to do, not a customer yet. On these particular marketing leaflets, we use a landline number. And the reason we use a landline number is because it’s easy to remember. So on this one, the code is 01642, which is a Teesside number, and everyone in Teesside will know that 01642 is Teesside code. So they don’t have to remember the code, they just have to remember the last 3 or… sorry the last 6 numbers on the number. So even if they’ve that lost the leaflet or lost your message, they could still access or remember your number sometimes. Now, there’s no website on there. And the reason there’s no website on there is because that’s 2 calls to action. Again, creates a bit of confusion, confusion creates no action; so one call to action. Now the reason… and there’s another reason for that, it’s if you put a website on the message on hard marketing on the ground, quite often, people are scared to pick up the phone sometimes. So they will check you out online. So let’s say… I’m just going to go online now; I’ll do it live for you. So sell my house quick… sell my house quick, Teesside. So I’ve just to put in what people put in generally when they want to sell their house quick. I just put it into Google. I know you can’t see it on the screen but I’ll read it out for you; 1.9 million results back from Google. And, I mean, that’s incredible. Not all fast sale companies, they’re not all competitors obviously, that’s a lot of companies; but 1.9 million results. Even if you were a wizard on the internet, your website will get the lost in those 1.9 million. And the chances of getting top on the particular long tail keyword are fairly slim. So let’s type in another one, and be a little bit more specific; Middleborough. Sell my house too fast… so I sell my house quickly Middleborough, which is a long… called a tail keyword. Well, we’ve got slightly less; it’s 1.3 million results back. That’s a lot of results to get lost in. And of course they’re not all competitors, they’re not all fast sale… fast sale companies and they’re not all property investors after deals. But 1.3 million results is a lot to get lost in. So if you put on your hard marketing on the ground, if you’re hard marketing leaflets out here to motivated sellers and you put a website on there and the first instinct might be to go to the internet. And we don’t type in if it’s a website address; generally we type into Google. So this is QA property,

so let’s go QA properties; QA properties into Google. QA properties, 26 Million results back. And the reason for that is because we don’t generally type into the address bar the exact name of the company, generally research on Google. And if we search on Google, it doesn’t come up because it going… it’s bringing up the most relevant results to that one, which is not this. So having a website on there doesn’t actually work that well on hard marketing. And that doesn’t matter whether you are using… this one’s a different type of paper, this is an uglier leaflet but that doesn’t have a websites on it either. This one is a regular leaflet; I’ll go through these in another video. We don’t have a website on them because we get lost. So on hard marketing on the ground, I’d leave the websites off; one call to action at the bottom of the website. So follow the AIDA model, so attention, interest, desire and action. And by all means, have a few different templates to work with you so you can split-test which one works; so you can test, measure and adjust your results as you go, but leave the website of the leaflets.