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London is awash with some fantastic street food locations. When we were putting together this guide, we didn’t just want to focus on a single place. There are plenty of other guides out there that do that. Instead, we wanted to focus on the places to go where you will have a whole host of food options to choose from. Basically, this is going to be a fantastic guide to the top 5 street food markets in London!

Street Food Union

We must kick off this list with Street Food Union, one of the better food markets in all London. This is, in part, down to the fact that it also boasts several drinking outlets. This is a food market which covers just about every cuisine. You have Spanish. You have English. You have American. You have Polish etc.

One of the things that we really love about Street Food Union is that it also boasts music. It gives you quite a fun time, even if you aren’t eating!

Victoria Good Food Market

This is located just outside of Victoria Station, so it is not too hard to reach. There are 20 different street food vendors here. Of course, you will be able to get your hands on British staples such as fish and chips, but this is also one of only a few street food markets in London which also has offerings from Brazil. Basically, it is a great place to head!

Berwick Street Market

This is the oldest street food market in London. In the past, it used to sell nothing more than fruits and vegetables. It has now expanded rapidly. Here, you will be able to get your hands on food from around the world. Perhaps the real highlight here, however, is Savage Salads. If you want some of the best salads that you have ever tasted in your life, the Savage Salads is where it is at. Make sure you get to this street food market early, though. It tends to get very busy and you may be waiting a long time to be served otherwise!

Borough Market

Next up on our list is Borough Market. This is just a short hop from London Bridge station so it should not take you long to get there. There are over 100 different stalls here. Most of them are offering fresh food that needs to be cooked, so they may not appeal to you all that much. However, there are several stalls which sell ‘ready to eat’ food. This includes fantastic British options, Turkish food, Ethiopian food, and a whole lot more!


This is one of the newest street food markets around, but boy is it good. Over the last 5 years, it has managed to attract food vendors from around the world. Make sure you sink your teeth into a gorgeous steak, some donuts, or even some freshly cooked chicken breast. There are 35 stalls here and they change regularly.