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Let’s make stay home, stay safe t-shirt at home with a few easy steps. However, If don’t do it and want a high-quality custom t-shirt in London then you can take a look at our T-shirt printing services. Here you can design and order the t-shirt. Let’s start making.

Materials need:

  • Heat transfer paper 
  • Silicon paper 
  • T-shirt
  • Iron
Step 1

  1. Buy a good quality plain t-shirt (140+gsm is preferred).
  2. Place the t-shirt on a plain surface.
Step 2

  1. Draw your stay safe message in the photo editor. After completing, mirror the design.
  2. Insert heat transfer paper inside your inkjet printer.
  3. Print out your design.
  4. Cut the unnecessary portion with the scissor. Cut slowly you don’t mistakenly cut the design.
Step 3

  1. Place the designed heat transfer paper on the t-shirt body by facing towards it.
  2. Place the silicon paper over the heat transfer paper.
Step 4

  1. Iron over the silicon paper for 5 min at least.
  2. Press well during ironing.


Remove the silicon paper and heat transfer paper slowly.

Here your custom stay home, stay safe t-shirt is ready!


You can watch the video here –