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Yes, we are living an era of the digital world, but print media marketing is still one of the best ways to boost your business. But if you are doing this marketing in the wrong way, you can’t find the result from your marketing you expect.  Here are some mistakes you should be aware when you are doing print marketing.

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  • Use watermarked stock image
  • Use low resolution
  • Grammar and spelling error 
  • Wrong colour selection 
  • Wrong file format 

Use watermarked stock image 

Images are an important part of print media and also available on the internet.  There are a lot of websites where you can take stock photos by paying them. But if you download without paying’  risk watermarks’ landing on this photo, in consequence, your company will look cheap and also violate copyright issues.

Use low resolution 

Low-resolution design or image may not be a big deal in the digital screen, but print media is another world. A customer who doesn’t get to see clear and attractive print is less likely to want to go to deal with you. The better resolution, the more likely customers highly rate your products/services. The high resolution makes your print more interesting. so you have to make sure your print is in perfect resolution.


Grammar and spelling error 

Don’t dare to think your spelling and grammar mistakes are going unnoticed by your target audience. Grammar and spelling errors are embarrassing and potentially harmful to your brands. A misspelt word, grammar error can ruin that first impression quickly of the product or service you provide. 

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Wrong colour selection 

Colour plays a big role in marketing by influencing customers. Colour conveys emotion, feeling and experience. Poor colour selection can damage your brand image. So make sure you use the colour wisely.  Suppose for the man you can prefer blue and for the woman you can go with pink or red. What I want to say here is to pay attention to colour. 


Wrong file format 

Print in .png file and .Jpeg file decrease the quality of the print.  In screen it’s fine but in print, this is not the wise one to choose.   Use the .tiff file format to better the quality of the print. If you do everything right but your quality of the print is low then you can not expect the better result from the print marketing.


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