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Surprise your parents, relatives, friends, and loved ones with your own DIY photo frame. Make strong bonds with them to lead a happier life. Let’s start making custom DIY photo frame out of newspaper.

  • Glue 
  • Newspaper
  • Liquid colour
  • painting brush
  • Thin PVC board or equivalent item
Step 1

  • Cut the newspaper into small pieces
  • Make rolls with the cut pieces
Step 2

  • Make 16 pieces of newspaper sticks
  • Joined them with glue
  • Make 4 sets of sticks, each contains 4 sticks.

You can watch the video here

Step 3

  • Draw 4/6 centimetre line on the PVC board.
  • Leave a 1-inch gap around the line.
  • Cut the board according to the line.
  • It will give a rectangle shape frame.
  • Keep the main body (inside part of the frame) for using later.
Step 4

  • Join one set of paper sticks on each side of the frame with the glue.
Step 5

  • Place the frame on top of a newspaper so your floor can be saved from colour.
  • Colour the frame gently with the painting brush. Colour it well.

  • Take the body that you kept earlier and place it behind the frame.
  • Make a triangle stand with the pieces of PVC board and join it with the frame.
Here your DIY photo frame is ready to use.

This DIY photo frame is easy to make and has many customization opportunities. You can make a bigger and fancy frame by the same process.
As for example, you can use multiple colours for the sticks. You can cut the edge of sticks differently to give a unique look. Also, you can place simple artwork stickers on the frame.


You can watch the video here

Video credit: Technical guru

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