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 Your business card can indirectly yet intentionally carry the principle qualities of your business. People will judge by card, whether your company is reliable and provide quality service. For entrepreneurs, business cards are not only to spread contact info and the name of the company, but it is a vital tool for making a huge impact. It is the first step to show your standard to your potential clients.


39% of people won’t do business with you if your card is cheap looking. – Andre Palko

Here are 3 types of business cards that entrepreneurs love.


1. Minimal Design Business Cards

The minimally designed card is the first choice for many entrepreneurs. It has fewer words and colour palettes. Let’s check some of the minimal design business card examples.

2. The wild-format Business Cards

Designers use different formats to give a unique look. Wild-format business cards are unique but you should make sure that can be stored easily. For startup wild-format definitely can be a good choice.

3. The typographic business card

Basically, this type of business cards mainly focuses on typography. It’s not easy to design typographic business cards but if it is done correctly then it can gain a long-lasting impression.

Standard Business Cards:

If you don’t want fancy business cards then you can go for standard business cards. Standard cards with some unique design can create an outstanding look. You can also implement some techniques on your standard cards, such as foil, embossed, spot-UV.

How to choose the right business card as an entrepreneur?

Choosing the right business card for your business can be an overwhelming task. But before creating it, you need to consider 3 things first.

1. Location of your business.

If your business is located in London, then you can try to include something in your design that relate to London.


2. Social environment and people.

Create something that is acceptable and understandable to your community. If the people can’t understand your design or feel uncomfortable then it may have a negative impact.


3. Cost and Conversion 

Some business cards may cost $0.1 and some may cost over $1 each! Less cost per card means you can have more cards for distributing. Otherway, high-quality cards may have more conversion which is the primary goal. So make a balance between the quality and price.


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