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Reading Time: 6 min


  1. Blank t-shirt
  2. Transfer paper
  3. Computer for design
  4. Digital printing machine
  5. Etc

Step – 1

  • Select your design. 
  • Resize the image to 12×16 inches

Step – 2

  • Check the design if there is anything inappropriate
  • Mirror the image after completing the checkup
  • Printout the image.

Step – 4

  • Get transfer paper
  • Place the transfer paper behind the image

Step – 5

  • Iron the printing area of the t-shirt
  • Place the image and iron over it well
  • Wait for 10-15 min after ironing

Step – 6

Remove the image slowly

Here is your complete product!

Watch the video here – ( pop out the video if error happens )

Video Credit: sir Cactus
  • Use a quality blank t-shirt. Should use 130+ gsm t-shirt. 150+ gsm is ideal for custom transfer paper printing.
  • Recheck the design and forget to mirror the whole image.
  • Iron the t-shirt before placing the transfer paper.
  • After placing the paper on the t-shirt, iron it well.
  • After ironing, remove the paper slowly.

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