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  • Printer
  • Standard Hoody
  • Heat Transfer Paper
  • Iron or Heat press machine
  • Etc 

Personalized hoodie is one of the most trendy items in 2020. One of the easiest methods to print on a hoodie is the heat transfer printing method. By this technique, You can make your own piece of custom hoodie within a few minutes. Let’s know how to make it.

Step 1

  • Choose the artwork or create yourself.
  • Mirror the image – Open the artwork with windows paint > Rotate > Flip horizontal. You can use free professional designing tools such as Inkscape to design your imagination.
  •  Put the transfer paper to the printer and print the image.
Step 2

Cut off the borders. Try not to leave any white space around your main design.

Iron the place where you will put the image. Iron and dry it well.

Put the image on the hoodie and iron it. Iron it for at least 3 minutes. Put well pressure on the iron.


Here your custom hoodie is ready to use.

You can watch the video here

Video Credit: sir Cactus

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