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Materials Need:

  1. Card Boards
  2. PVC Boards
  3. Cutting tool
  4. Motor and wire
  5. Thick glass
  6. Ink for printing
  7. Papers
  8. Etc

Step 1

  • Cut the cardboard and make a small hole on it
  • Join the thin cardboard layer on top of the base cardboard
  • Make 2 of it.

Step 2

  • Make a rectangle shape box with the pieces of PVC board.
  • Place 4 piece of holder shape PVC on the box
  • Place one spinner on that rectangle box.
( One side of the box will be opened )

[ You can watch the full video here ]

Video Credit: Expert Eye

Step 3

  • Make a big rectangle shape box ( open from beneath )
  • Place a motor inside that box
  • Connect a switch with the motor

Step 4

  • Place that PVC board with the spinner on top of the big rectangle box
  • Place that two pieces of cardboard (step 1) by side of the PVC board
  • Cover the PVC board

Step 5

  • Place a paper on the cardboard box
  • Put ink on the ink holder
  • Turn on the switch

Get your printed paper, Made by your own machine!

Video Credit: Expert Eye

Advice: If you fail for the first time then don’t worry, it’s very usual to fail. You can take this project for increasing your problem-solving skills.

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