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Reading Time: 6 min

Materials Need:

  • – White Glue (PVA)
  • – A4 or other size papers.
  • – Japan Saw for thin cuts
  • – Black+Decker Workmate to hold paper


Step – 1

Cut the paper to size. You can use A4, A3 or any custom size paper but take only one size of papers. Take as many papers as you want.

Step – 2

Check if you can browse it. Smooth at two sides- the glue will be added on one of the sides.

Step – 3

Rough side upwards – here is where the glue is added. smooth side looking down below.

Step – 4

Cut thin slices with the saw. Half inch deep cuts should be well.

Step – 5

Use paper glue on top of the cuts and label the glue so it looks smooth.

Step – 6

Dry the glue well. Take a few hours or overnight.


Your Notebook is ready for use

Watch the full video here

Video Credit: 1videoshow


  • Use high gsm papers.
  • A4 paper is ideal for general purpose.
  • Don’t cut the paper deeper than half inch.


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