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How To Make Laminating Machine From Cardboard! DIY Laminator


Reading Time: 5 minutes
You’ll need:
List of things you will need.

Card Board
Aluminum Pipes
Plastic Papers
Ruler Scale
PVC Boards
Tissue Papers
Drill Machine
Motor Machine

Step One: Cut The PVC Board

Take 2 small piece of pvc board and cut the boards like U shape with a knife. Then cut thin slices on the boards and place a net on it.

Video Credit: Expert Eye

Step Two: Prepare the Card Board Structure

Cut a card board into 3 piece and join them like the picture. Place the PVC boards on both sides of the card board structure.

Step Three: Make the rollers

Take a aluminium pipe and wrap it with a wire, then wrap that pipe with a tissue paper and a plastic paper. Make 2 of that pipe.

Step Four: Place the two pipes

Make 2 holes on each of the card board with drill machine or other staff. Then place the two pipes to these boards.

Step Five: Make the main body

Take the card board with pipes and place it inside the card board structure that was prepared earlier. Place a motor with pipes so both pipes can roll when motor is on.

Step Six: Cover the body with card board pieces

Cover the whole body with card board pieces and place a switch on top of the body that will be linked with motor so you can control the motor with that.

Step Seven: Prepare your product

Take a photo and place it inside the laminating paper.

Step Eight: Test your machine

Insert the photo from behind the machine and turn the switch on.
your photo will come out with lamination.
You can insert 2 photo at a time.


– Use 3mm thick PVC boards, it is better for durability and easy to cut.
You can check Foamcell for 3mm PVC boards.

– Don’t use cheap motor, there are many good motors on the market but we suggest NTL tree life 12 volt multipurpose motor.

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