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Reading Time: 7min

Materials –

1. Wooden laths
2. Loose-leaf rings
3. Wood glue
4. Paper
5. Self-adhesive numbers & letters 


Step 1 –

Take 3 pieces of 20cm, 2 pieces of 10cm and 2 pieces of 9cm wooden laths

Step 2 –

Glue the wooden laths together to create a wooden structure for the calendar

Step – 3

Watch the video ( you can skip that for now )


Video Credit: Spirit

Step 4 –

Make the base by 2 pcs of 9 cm and 2 pcs of 20 cm wooden laths

Step 5 –

Place the wooden structure for the calendar on top of the base

Step 6 –

Take around 30 thick papers of 4.5 cm height and 8.5 cm width for making self-adhesive stickers. Punch a hole on top of the papers.

Step 7 –

Cut colored papers by required shaped and place on the papers with glue.
Make 12 tags for months, 10 tags for day’s second digit and 4 tags for day’s first digit. You can use multi-color for variation.

Step – 8

Place metal hooks with all tags and place the tags on top of the wooden structure according to the correct sequence.

You can watch the full video here –

Video Credit: Spirit

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