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Reading Time: 7 minute 

So we are going to make DIY custom rubber stamps. For this use standard eraser that is found in any stationery store, not very expensive and this is the perfect material to make a rubber stamp.


custom rubber stamp materials

  • Stamp pad
  • Exacto knife
  • Rubber
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Drawing Sheet 
Step – 1

  • Take good quality white paper. 
  • Put the rubber on it.
First taken an eraser and you will mark the size of the eraser so that we know the surface we have for a stamp and this is the area in which we can draw whatever you want and convert into a stamp drawing pencil.

Step – 2 

  • Draw your pencil around the rubber by touching it.
  • Draw your stamp inside that rubber shape.

Make sure that drawing is simple because you should find it easier to cut it and convert it into a stamp as we can see.

Step – 3

  • Turn over the rubber and paper.
  • Rub your pencil on it well.

( This will place a shadow of the art on the rubber stamp )

The image is ready and now we will start cutting this I will convert this into a stamp. it’s important to start with something simpler. Get the experience of it and you can make more details next time.
Step – 4

  • Cut the rubber according to the art line with the Exacto knife

For making the custom stamp shape, Cut the rubber very cautiously. Put something on the finger before cutting the rubber stamp. Gently cut around the outline. Remove the extra eraser. keep doing the same thing for all the parts. Be very slow and very careful because you don’t wanna damage your stamps all around the lines go very slowly and get your form correct. The smaller areas are slightly tricky to cut.

Remove all the areas where we don’t have an outline and leave the outline because that will become the stamp vacancy. All this negative area around the pencil.

Step – 5

Your stamp is ready. Place the custom rubber stamp on the stamp pad and then stamp it hard on the paper. Press the stamp on the paper for 3 seconds.

Write your messages inside the art of your custom stamp.

We have done with black but you can try whatever colors you want.


Make beautiful gifts for your parents, relatives, teachers with your DIY custom rubber stamp.