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Trade shows are venues that bring together sellers and prospective buyers. The upside is that purchasers visit trade shows with an eye toward buying and hoping to learn more about the best products you have for sale.

Of course, the downside of a trade show is that there are so many competitors sitting very near to you. The key to triumphing over this challenge is to make certain that your exhibit will not be missed by your target buyer.

The following ideas can be used to drive visitor traffic straight to your trade show booth.

Location Of The Booth

There can be no doubt that booth location is critical, just as it is in real estate. Fortunately, the majority of trade shows provide access to the best booth spots if you are willing to pay a premium.

If you do wish to pay more for a great spot, make sure to inquire at an early stage in the game. Prime booth spots sell quickly, and some of these spots are already earmarked for prior exhibitors, so always plan ahead.

Booth location can also sometimes be used as a contract negotiating point. If you intend to be an annual participant in a given trade show, use that fact to your advantage when signing an agreement.

Maximize Visual Appeal

Purchasers at trade shows will flock to an attractive booth. According to Exhibe, vivid colors and eye-catching design will help draw interested buyers to your location. Make sure visitors are able to quickly and clearly view your primary messaging by using strong lettering and advantageous lighting effects. If you want more info about improving visual appeal you can learn more at

Optimize Approachability

Not only should your booth pack a visual punch, it also needs to have a feeling of approachability. Happy, welcoming attendants make all the difference in how many people actually stop to learn more. Offer a series of display tools so that an array of tastes are satisfied. Certain visitors like paper materials, others prefer interactive or video-based presentations.

Visitors may wish to converse with booth attendants to have their questions answered. Be sure knowledgeable staffers are always on hand to meet this need.

Savvy Booth Hosting

Think about enlisting the help of hosts who have been trained in the product or service you are selling so that they can provide useful information to buyers who may wish to gain greater knowledge. It may also be wise to hire a magician, a model, photo booth from Booth Boy or other type of performer who fits the concept of the booth or the show itself.

Provide Show-Related Specials

Be sure to inform potential customers of trade show-specific specials to create a sense of urgency. Post information about these special deals so that it cannot be missed by booth visitors.

Promotional Contests

There is nothing quite as exciting as winning a contest or prize drawing, so making these elements part of your booth is always a winning idea. Make sure that booth visitors are required to provide contact information or a business card in exchange for entry into your contest. Here are some good ideas from Delta Marketing Group.
Old-Fashioned Hospitality

Because trade shows can be physically taxing and draining, having a drink or a snack you can offer tired attendees can make your booth stand out among the rest. Try to align the food or drink to your booth’s theme or company philosophy. Bottled water with your brand on the label serves as a great reminder of your enterprise even after the visitors have moved onto the next booth.

Expertise On Display

Make sure those who visit your booth receive something valuable as a result of stopping there. Industry-specific information, product listing, useful data or the like are great tools for distinguishing yourself. For shows at which most attendees hail from other locales, some information about local attractions would likely be very well received.

Taking Advantage Of Social Media

It is crucial to get a social media marketing initiative established well before your trade show appearance. A great to utilize social media tools is to contact individuals who have checked in to the venue on social media or who have mentioned their show attendance on their personal or corporate Facebook or Twitter accounts. Urge them to visit your company’s booth and use social media to inform them of specialized promotions.