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Are you looking for flyer designs for your small business? You are in the right place.

For every small business, flyers carry a very important role in marketing. On many occasions, it’s the first thing your potential customers encounter.

Here we have shown 13 types of flyer designs that may help you to design your flyer.

1. Minimalistic

Minimalism means showing the beauty of essence or essentials without superficiality. It highlights the shape and forms and avoids extra details and decorations. Minimal design is honest and clean yet striking. Any kinds of small or big business can approach minimalism.

2. Divided View

Divided view flyers are great if you want to show comparison or two sides of the coin. If you want your customer to visualize the difference then go for the divided view.



Traditional flyers include one heading, multiple paragraphs and images. Traditional flyers are a good choice for small businesses that want to convey the message in details to potential customers.


4. Playful Colors

A combination of light colours that represent playfulness can create a pleasing impression. This type of design is especially good for the items we get for enjoyment. This colour combination is not good for serious business such as Cleaning service, Architecture, Tech company, etc.

5. 3D flyer design

3D technology is expanding rapidly. In near future, you may use real 3D flyers but for now, the 3D design for the 2d flyer is not a bad idea. Try a different shade of colour with a 3D design to make it eye-catching. Check this UK VAT rate calculator  to calculate VAT.

6. Bold Text with Unique Background

Bold text with unique background makes the words memorable. It’s better to use less text and decoration on this type of design. You can use one side for this design and another side for your company’s information. If you are already well known locally then mentioning the company name in the corner of the flyer is sufficient or even better.


8. Classic Illustration

Classic illustration is especially good for the craft business. This type of design with the right colour combination can make your flyer memorable. Don’t forget to design illustration carefully so your flyer can convey the main message to your potential customer.


9. Event Flyers

Your event flyers can contain all services you provide so the potential customers can quickly know if you can fulfil their job.


10. Illustration of Benifit

We all want to know whats my benefit so it’s not a bad idea to tell them what is the benefit at first sight.

11. Showing The Product Image

Let them see your product so they don’t have to search. Don’t forget to take pictures with high quality camera.


12. Image Rotation

Angle image and text can make your flyer truly unique and may create a very good impression.

13. One Colour’s Shade Combination

One colour’s shade combination with illustration and typography can make a flyer elegant and powerful.

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