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An uncomfortable office chair can make you feel like you are not getting the job done. It may even ruin your sitting posture since you will most probably have to sit a certain way to be comfortable. An uncomfortable office chair can be a nightmare especially if it is the one you found when you started working there. However, there are some things you can try to make the chair a bit more comfortable.

Sitting Properly

Sitting in a proper posture can make the whole situation different. Do not sit in positions that make you feel tired after a short while, and always ensure that your feet are on the ground and not swinging around.

Adjust Your Chair

It is advisable to adjust the chair to fit your height before sitting. This can go a long way in ensuring that you are comfortable. Do not always assume that the chair is the same since you left it. It may have been changed by someone else in the office.

Adding Back Support

According to Ergosource this is another great way to ensure that the chair is comfortable. You can purchase lumbar support equipment that helps the back and makes the chair more comfortable if you are sitting for long hours. You can look online to get reviews of the best types of lumbar support equipment then choose one that suits you.

Placing A Footrest Under The Chair

If you feel that the chair is too high and cannot be adjusted, you can place a footrest under it. This will ensure that your legs remain in a comfortable position while you work. Your back will not be strained by the unevenness of the chair since your feet will be grounded.

Adjustable Arms

Chairs with adjustable arms are perfect because they provide support when you are tired and need an armrest. When you sit back in the chair and place your hands on the side, the body will relax making you less tired.

Find A Chair Designed For You

You should sit in a chair that is designed for your body type. If you are tall, get one that can provide you with the perfect height, and if you are heavy, get a chair that can support your weight properly. Check the width of the chair as well as the height to know if it is fit for you.

Replace The Chair

If trying all these techniques still doesn’t work, you should think of replacing the chair. Look for tips to get a comfortable office chair so that you can get the best one. Keep in mind that a good chair will not come cheap.

Additional Tips

You do not always have to sit when in the office. You can get an adjustable height desk. This allows you to adjust the height depending on the position you prefer. There is also the walkstation that is a combination of a desk and a treadmill. It allows you to get some exercise without getting out of the office.