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The East End is the perfect blend of old and new. On one hand it boasts a flower market that is over a century old, and on the other hand it offers a platform for today’s artistic types to show their work; and the option of diving into an array of night clubs and pop ups for the urban youth. Let’s explore what else East London has to offer:

Explore history

The Tower of London is a good place to start if you want an experience that takes you through time. Alternatively, take a casual stroll over to Olympic Park to relive the glory days of recent times. For theater lovers, The Yard is a good choice, and film lovers can visit Genesis cinema over on Mile End Road or Our Print Shop in Mile End LoL ┌( ಠ‿ಠ)┘

Take a walk

If the weather’s good, a walk at Lee Valley is lovely. There’s a countryside park just next to Clapton that offers a variety of Easter activities for the whole family. Take a tour of the Wilton’s Music Hall and learn about its fascinating history (including its evolution from a sailor’s pub to a music hall). The Barbican conservatory is also worth a visit.

Find a place to eat

The F Cooke restaurant (located on Broadway Market) has been operating since 1900 and it offers classic London cuisine including pie, mash pops, and eel. For the more contemporary diner, a little further on Shoreditch you will find Dinerama, where they serve all sorts of street food and cocktails late into the night.

Visit a museum

For a family trip, the V&A Museum is a good place to start. It’s one of the most celebrated museums in London and you will find plenty of activity for everyone. If, however, you don’t fancy great museums, the Rich Mix creative center at High Street has a number of exhibitions that you might like. You will get to see amazing pieces from new artists.

Visit the Olympic Park for sporting activities

The London Olympics left the city with great sporting venues and attractions including waterways, playgrounds, and a host of sporting facilities. Visit the velodrome for track cycling, or take up a driving course over at the Tom Daley Driving Academy.